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Sales - a key function in successful B2B business

Sales is the central design field in the company to the customer. Especially in B2B. Quite a few B2B companies are so technology, innovation and production-driven that sales do not receive the necessary appreciation.

The opportunities to differentiate yourself from the competition solely through innovative products are becoming ever smaller in both the B2B and B2C areas, and offers are becoming more and more interchangeable ("commodities") from the customer's point of view. Many companies are reacting to this with increasingly complex service portfolios, e.g. to cover niches or by offering an increased range of systems and services. This makes the sales task more and more demanding.

Conversely, the customer expects simplicity and transparency in the range of services and in the relationship between customer and supplier - especially in the development towards omni-channel management.


Therefore, the development of sales offers the opportunity to gain unique competitive advantages, especially in times of digital upheaval. Sales, as the unit closest to the market and customers, is predestined to develop companies further from there. The best ideas more and more often come from a cross-industry perspective in order to revise outdated industry sales models.


For this reason, in addition to our management consulting in sales, we launched Leading Sales , a European B2B sales platform in 2013 in which globally active companies can develop to a top level in sales in various programs across all industries. All member companies have this right.


The Seidenschwarz & Comp. himself works with a sales consulting approach that has been tried and tested in practice with B2B companies for many years and is continuously being further developed in cooperation with our lead customers. Since 2001.

Our sales toolkit

Our sales application toolkit contains the key ingredients for developing B2B sales that enrich a company's unique selling points with wow factors.

A long-term cooperation has therefore been established with our excellent sales customers, which ensures a continuous improvement process in sales.

Business model and sales strategy

Sales structure
sales channels

Sales systematics
tool applications

Sales Executives
sales staff

Customer processes
sales processes

Sales Leadership
sales control

Sales culture and Change Management 

You can quickly tell whether we meet your topics and challenges by asking the following questions:

  1. Does sales have a special meaning in our company or are sales topics regularly given a back seat?

  2. Do we follow a clearly formulated (sales) strategy that is understandable to everyone? Has this been cascaded and is it also accepted by our foreign subsidiaries or do they lead a largely uncontrolled “life of their own”?

  3. Do we have an efficient and effective sales organization with clear roles and responsibilities?

  4. How can we switch to omni-channel sales without overwhelming the organization?

  5. Are our customer and sales processes clearly defined and documented, or is the entire process knowledge distributed among a few colleagues with many years of experience?

  6. Where can and should we automate our sales processes and where is human touch still essential?

  7. Do we merge all available customer data quickly and easily in our systems and tools? Do we know how we can and may use them in a targeted manner to support sales? Or do Excel workarounds and auxiliary processes dominate day-to-day sales work?

  8. Do we exploit the existing potential as best as possible through our pricing or do we often undersell ourselves? How future-proof and competitive are our pricing structures and processes really?

  9. Are our incentive systems harmoniously coordinated or do they even undermine the profitable development of the entire company?

  10. Do we succeed in sustainably developing the sales culture and positively changing the mindset of the sales staff - or do our attempts regularly come to nothing?

Your questions
Our offer

The Seidenschwarz & Comp. supports customers

... the development of sales strategies nationally and internationally

... the further development and optimization of sales processes

... the restructuring and reorganization of sales

... the digitization and automation of sales

... the construction and further development of sales tools and their application with the Seidenschwarz sales kit

... the development, revision and implementation of price management systems

… programs for change management in sales

... programs to further develop the sales culture



Corporate and divisional programs

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> 9 months



Focus projects

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3-9 months



Short missions

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1 - 4 weeks

Our sales programs at a glance

1. Company and area programs are of a comprehensive nature and help to fundamentally and comprehensively align your sales, e.g.:

  • Realign sales in a company or division

  • Worldwide implementation of a sales reorganization in 45 countries

  • Worldwide implementation of a KAM system in 36 countries

  • 3-year program to revise strategic and operational price management and price enforcement for sales management

2. Focus projects serve the rapid revision or further development of breakthrough topics, e.g.:

  • Lighthouse project Big Data

  • Lighthouse project automation in sales

  • Sales push program

  • Increased efficiency in sales


3. We are called to short assignments "when the hut is on fire". This happens in times of crisis, in tense country situations, in the case of customer projects that have become tense due to extensive delivery delays, when there are "hooks in the organization" or for many other reasons, e.g.:

  • Speed team analyzes for quick processing in a crisis region

  • Process management in critical phases of a sales project

  • Moderation of critical management meetings

  • Moderation in a tense budget situation between the parent company and the regions

  • Tailor-made sales training courses accompanying change

Typical projects
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