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Simply. Do. Strategy.

Competitive landscapes are changing more massively and faster than ever before. The competitive behavior of many players is also becoming increasingly unpredictable. Online platforms are targeting the business of specialized dealers, long-standing business partners are developing into competitors and (digital) rule-breakers – often also from other industries – are noticeably challenging the status quo. And often faster than you expected or would like to admit. At the same time, the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders are high. And customers don't accept any missteps when it comes to fulfilling the basics. Rather, it is important to meet the growing demands of customers for the product, service and solution business with strong unique selling points and wow effects. Practice shows, however, that this is precisely where many B2B companies “float” and work with abstract or difficult-to-grasp strategies that later fail to be implemented.

The way in which strategies are developed has changed as much as the character of strategies themselves: simplicity, comprehensibility and meaningfulness are becoming increasingly important in order to ensure the alignment between strategic management and operational action from a flow. In addition to strategic central ideas, goals and business logic, the questioning of working methods and the break with existing thought patterns are also the subject of the strategy discussion. Since this not only requires a lot of experience, but also the necessary instinct when moderating strategy workshops with interdisciplinary teams that are critical to success, we support you from a single source along the Seidenschwarz strategy process from strategy to action.

Strategy with Seidenschwarz
from strategy to action

The strategy work can take place on site at the headquarters or at the decentralized locations of our customers. Or, which our customers are increasingly happy to do, you come to our break-out session center in Possenhofen opposite the Sisi Castle on Lake Starnberg for joint strategy work.

All you have to do is book a hotel. We will then welcome you in high-quality, listed rooms with historic charm and top facilities. The tried and tested strategy process management with substance moderation and experienced strategy consultants ensures an inspiring atmosphere and unique strategy moments in this mix. 

Of course, we also work in digital or hybrid formats.

Your questions

Room for unique strategy moments

Our offer

Simply. Do. Strategy. Along our consistent strategic approach from strategy to action, we support you with your strategic issues and challenges in an agile manner and from a single source - from the initial idea to implementation at the operational level. In our valuable and inspiring listed premises in Possenhofen with a view of the Sisi Castle and Lake Starnberg - and of course at any time in your company - we work with you, among other things:

  • Strategy maps and tracking tools for international companies, business units and/or core regions "strategy on 1 page"

  • Sales, market entry and profitable growth strategies

  • breakthrough programs as well as

  • strategic approaches to organizational realignment.

A solid analysis of the initial situation and possible scenarios, a broad view of disruptive business models and strategic paths, mirroring and validation with customer segments, prioritizing the breakthrough levers as a "red thread" and clear mapping in proven strategy, measures and key figure tools such as strategy maps and modern dashboards form the framework of our strategy projects. Depending on the specific requirements, modern business model innovation approaches are used as well as war gaming, blue ocean approaches, resilience checks, open spaces or walkarounds.

Based on the experience of 100+ strategy implementation projects and strategy workshops in 50+ countries, we attach particular importance to process management in strategy projects in order to ensure a seamless transition from strategy development to communication and implementation. With the help of our change approach and suitable control systems, we accompany agile strategy implementation and regular strategy reviews in terms of content or as a strategy coach over several years and use our training experience to anchor the transformation for tomorrow's success with the key players in the company.

Typical projects

In more than 100 strategy projects, we have faced various strategic questions and initial situations specific to the market, technology and company and have worked out answers together with our customers. Below you will find an excerpt of our strategy projects from strategy to action :

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