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Management Consulting

from idea to value® - transformation for tomorrow's success

We are B2B

The Seidenschwarz & Comp. supports technology and trading companies in their international markets. Since the birth of the Seidenschwarz brand, we have set market-shaping accents in the areas of strategy, innovation, sales and change management in addition to the pioneering work in target costing. The focus is always on the question: "What is the customer willing to pay for?" - always in close partnership with our customers.


We are B2B: "Objectively determined, personally engaging" we develop tailor-made solutions in interdisciplinary teams and accompany our customers from idea to value®. We aim to ensure that every idea, every concept, every implementation and every change in a company creates noticeable value.

Creating value not only refers to increasing sales and profitability, but also to aligning a company with the value of the customer and corporate values in the sense of good dealings with one another.

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