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Innovation and target costing

In times of upheaval in markets and technologies, the entrepreneurial development of products, services and customer solutions faces new challenges. We support companies in strategy-based control of the PLM process, in prioritizing key areas of innovation and in the use-led development of solutions with unique selling points and target costing inside - even in disruptive times. The aim of the projects by Seidenschwarz & Comp. is to develop highly profitable key revenue drivers with a valuable product-service mix that lead to exceptional customer satisfaction after market launch.

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What is the customer willing to pay for?

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Our approach to innovation management includes a wide range of concepts and methods in order to set the necessary framework "before a specific new product is developed". The subject of our projects can be individual elements such as reflecting disruptive business models or the redefinition of an approach to multi-project planning as well as the holistic realignment of an innovation area from pre-development to implementation with the associated questions about innovation organization and innovation process. Overarching working methods such as "agile development", "lean innovation" or the piloting of innovations in "lean start-ups" are explicitly or implicitly included in the project work.

Ultimately, whether innovation management works is always proven by the market success of the products: Innovation only makes sense if it leads to enthusiastic customers and the innovating company measurably increases the “return on innovation”, its profitability and its corporate value. Seidenschwarz & Comp. accompanies the concrete development of hardware/software products, services or customer solutions from idea to value® with our approach to developing profitable main sources of revenue with "Target Costing inside".

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Why do some companies innovate more successfully than others? What corporate philosophy is behind it? Who are the leaders who lead and sustainably innovate with and in their companies?

In an interview with Werner Seidenschwarz, Friedrich Nitschke, Wolfgang Plischke and Siegfried Russwurm explain how innovations are created and implemented in their companies. The work takes the reader behind the scenes with the help of innovative success stories - such as the project i from BMW, the SIMATIC from Siemens or the Aspirin from Bayer.

With numerous examples of radical breakthrough innovations and sustainable innovation patterns for entrepreneurs, managers and all readers interested in innovations.

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