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We are B2B.

About us

Characterized by an open and communicative corporate culture as well as flat hierarchies, respect for our customers and colleagues is the greatest asset of our company.


The people behind Seidenschwarz & Comp. are as diverse as the tasks and challenges they face every day. Our partners and consultants are strong personalities who, with their individual experience, values and professional know-how, always respond fully to the needs of the customer and provide an "unbiased view from the outside" - even if it is sometimes necessary to speak unpleasant truths, to bring about positive changes in direction.

Interdisciplinary and intercultural work in over 400 B2B projects are part of the agenda, as are digital meetings and global work at the customer's site, primarily in Europe, Asia and North America.

All team members are familiar and have proven themselves in digital, hybrid and on-site project work.

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The company was founded by the current managing partner Prof. Dr. Werner Seidenschwarz. In corporate practice, he has held a leading position as a specialist, partner, board member and managing director in industrial and service companies for 30 years.

Werner Seidenschwarz is also the founder of the international Starnberg Management Days and the Leading Sales Platform for sales executives. With its partners Seidenschwarz & Comp. he has been advising technology companies in the core areas of strategy, innovation and sales for 20 years and has made a name for himself primarily in the B2B environment. In addition, he has been an honorary professor at the Technical University of Munich since 2010. As a professor of strategic corporate management, he gives students in the mechanical engineering and computer science faculties a wide range of insights into everyday corporate practice. In 1993 he did his doctorate on the subject of "Target Costing - Market-Oriented Target Cost Management", the world's first monograph on target costing. In 2001 he completed his habilitation on managing entrepreneurial change.


In addition to his work with leading international corporations and renowned medium-sized companies, he teaches as a professor or guest speaker at the London School of Economics, the National University of Singapore, the University of Stuttgart, the Freie Handelshochschule Leipzig and the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

In numerous publications (including 10 books) he made innovative contributions to the further development of management methods.

Prof. Dr. Werner Seidenschwarz
Our industries

Electrical industry


Medical technology



Maschinenbau, Anlagenbau und Automatisierung

Mechanical engineering,
plant construction and


Metal industry



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Hotel, Restaurant und Catering

Hotel, restaurant
and catering

Our customers (excerpt)
Publications, lectures, moderations

We regularly publish articles on management theory and practice - both in publicly accessible media and on our closed customer platforms.

In addition, the Seidenschwarz & Comp. Host of the internationally renowned Starnberg Management Days (iSMT), established in 2004, with top-class speakers and participants.

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Professor Seidenschwarz represents the company with his exceptionally engaging and inspiring contributions. And he is considered to be one of the best presenters for demanding meetings and events from 10 to 250 participants in Europe.


When you perform together with Professor Seidenschwarz and his team, you feel comfortable and in good hands.

For more information on lectures and/or substance moderation by Professor Seidenschwarz , please contact our event coordinator Mrs. Rinner .

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