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Management Consulting

from idea to value ®

Our approach

As part of our project work and change support, we support companies in aligning themselves with the market, strengthening their performance and further developing their infrastructures with learning and growth strategies.


Bringing about positive and measurable changes is the focus of our management consulting activities. To this end, all consultants at Seidenschwarz & Comp. according to the principles of from idea to value® : customer and market-oriented, value-creating and with a strong connection to the people acting in the changing organizations. The goal of our work with B2B companies is the transformation for the success of tomorrow. 

Our substantive work focuses on strategy, innovation, sales and change management. Well-founded professional support, clear and uncomplicated communication, sovereign process management, substance moderation of digital and face-to-face meetings as well as to the point documents and templates characterize the daily work with Seidenschwarz & Comp..

And since you shouldn't reinvent the wheel every time, but learning from each other and working out new knowledge together leads to progress and change processes, we also work in platforms. With Leading Sales and Leading Innovation, we have created a unique community in which sales and innovation can be lived in a new way.

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Our community

Whether ambitious medium-sized companies, established industrial giants or up-and-coming companies with new business models, whether digital or on-site: We are extremely pleased that we can count a large number of nationally and internationally leading B2B companies among our customers - be it as part of our project work from idea to value® or as members of the Seidenschwarz management circles.


Our international community includes leading personalities, experts and senior high potentials with diverse professional backgrounds and from different hierarchical and age levels. All of our members have one thing in common: they enjoy working together and strive to improve both their own company and themselves to want to develop or change positively.


For us, this is both a passion and an incentive to question the status quo at regular intervals, to continuously improve, to allow for new things and also to break new ground.

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