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Seidenschwarz  Management Circles

from idea to value ®

From practice for practice

Excellent ideas come about when people who not only have exceptional professional competence, but who can also treat one another with joy and respect, come together in a community.

The management groups of Seidenschwarz & Comp. are part of a cross-company and cross-industry platform for the market-oriented further development of business models. They serve the exchange of experiences and the agile further development for the success of tomorrow - from practice for practice.

Members are leading personalities, experts and senior high potentials from large international companies, medium-sized and family-run companies, primarily B2B.

Goal is to

  • set impulses out of the market,

  • achieve organizational performance improvement

  • as well as to achieve increases in sales or efficiency with the help of a kit of application modules and innovative implementation measures.

Typical questions relate, among other things, to topics such as leadership/succession, strategy, innovation, sales, transformation and change management, corporate management - and above all questions that one as a responsible person would perhaps not be so easy or would like to ask oneself otherwise.


This should enable the companies involved to achieve competitive advantages or to bring about a realignment from today's competitive disadvantages.


The owners and managers involved in the management circles are key players in these further developments.

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