Press pictures

Siegfried Russwurm: "Leadership in the 21st century is different from that in the past century.“

Martin Schomaker showed blessings and burden of naturally lean structures in a medium-sized company.

Alfred Ötsch illustrated the challenges of managing a company in complex stakeholder structures

With the Dacia brand, Holger Böhme feels well-equipped for the future.

Martina Sandrock: „You have to find growth nests in mass markets.“

Cardiologist and Economist: Manfred Zehender

Uwe Thesling (right side), Volkswagen: "Communication is not an additional task of a manager – management is communication“, together with Dr. Peter Faust, member of Seidenschwarz & Comp. management.

From the left: Eugen Ellemunt (Lodge owner, Brunico/Italy), Horst Meierhofer (FDP Member of the German Bundestag), Werner Seidenschwarz, Stefan Reuter (Manager TSV 1860 München)