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“With excellence in innovation, intelligent brand management and optimized value chains German companies will also shape world markets.”: PD Dr. Werner Seidenschwarz, CEO, Seidenschwarz & Comp. GmbH, Starnberg

South Africa in globalization: Jomo Sono, formerly professional football player, amongst others together with Beckenbauer and Pelé at Cosmos New York, today one of the most successful and influential businessmen of South Africa.

“Creating a truly global enterprise.”, “Strategic foresight is required.”: Craig Naylor, Group Vice President DuPont, Wilmington, USA

“The struggle for 60 minutes less working time is in the world of global competition only of minor interest.”, “The market is not a substitute for responsibility.”: Thomas Sattelberger, Member of the Board, Continental AG, Hannover

A representative of the South African Government in Starnberg: Smuts Ngonyama, Head of Presidency of the African National Congress, South Africa

“If we manage to be creative and if we manage to recognize and to implement trends early on, then there will be no limitations for the possibility to grow.”: Rupert Stadler, Member of the Board, Audi AG, Ingolstadt

“Different customer requirements have to be identified early on.”, ”Germany is one market amongst many others.”: Heinz-Joachim Neubürger, Member of the Board, Siemens AG, Munich

Risks in the M&A-Process were identified: Dr. Matthias Heisse, Partner, Heisse Kursawe lawyers partnership, Munich

“The economic outlook of South Africa for the next five to ten years is promising.”, “There are serious obstacles to be considered.”, “The country is both, opportunity and challenge.”: Andreas Penkert.

Intercultural exchange of ideas regarding location matters at the 3rd Starnberg Management-Days: Smuts Ngonyama, Speaker of the African National Congress, South Africa

The government spokesman of South Africa in discussion with representatives of German businesses: Smuts Ngonyama, Rupert Stadler, PD Dr. Werner Seidenschwarz

Exchange of experiences over different continents: Jomo Sono, PD Dr. Werner Seidenschwarz, Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, President of the Federal Office for Information Security

Where are US-companies heading to?: Craig Naylor, Group Vice President, DuPont, Wilmington, USA

South African-German dialogue: Jürgen Fritz, Head of Marketing and Distribution, SAS Institute GmbH, Heidelberg und Jomo Sono

PD Dr. Werner Seidenschwarz, CEO, Seidenschwarz & Comp. GmbH and Thomas Sattelberger, Member of the Board, Continental AG after the speech “The logic and morale of location decisions” by Thomas Sattelberger

Interactive discussion atmosphere at the 3rd Starnberg Management Days